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Ancient Light carries a carefully selected group of banners, flags, pennants and pennant strings. Some we make and some we buy from people who can make them for less than we can! All of these are good quality fabric and sturdily made and can be used indoors or out. They don't mind in the least getting wet, but will fade over time like any flag.

None of these come with banner poles or clips to hang them with. These are available from us separately.

We make a lot of our own banners. Most of what we carry is made of cotton or cotton blends and some are rayon. The ones we make have sturdy bound edges so that they won't fray quickly and the others are sewn well (or reinforced before we sell 'em!)

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss these by phone or email.


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We make a few sizes of wooden banner poles and hangers, specifically to fit the banners that we sell. They are made of wood doweling with end knobs and the hangers are hemp or cotton cord with either a swivel or a swivel clip. For banners over 3 feet wide we can send you a kit with instructions how and where to purchase a dowel of the appropriate length and how to assemble the hanger. Small and Medium banners come with one end assembled, if you order these. They just take a bit of glue to finish.


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$5 - Small banner pole (under 15 inches) and hanger
$8 - Medium banner pole (15 inches to 3 feet) and hanger
$4 - Large banner pole kit (3 feet and up) – does not include dowel!!!

chakra banner, purple   chakra banner, white

$30 - Chakra banner, purple
$30 - Chakra banner, white

These 5 feet by 1 foot rayon banners have hemmed tops and bottoms to accommodate a dowel or rod of your choosing (not included) for easy hanging. While these are lovely as an interesting wall hanging that does not need framing, they are also suitable for outdoor use. All seven major chakras are represented, with the Sanskrit letter of each at the center, surrounded by the artist's representation of the yantra (geometric shape) associated with the chakra and the correct number of lotus petals.

$15 - Small Cotton Chakra banner
(white background, as above)- 2 feet tall

chakra flag string$30 - Chakra Rainbow pennant string (7 flags)

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$30 - BANNERS (3 ft x 4 ft tall, except as noted)

Great Mother Snake banner
(5 ft x 1 ft)

Om Mane Padme Hum banner

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