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A window or other opening that has been used 20 or more years without interruption and is therefore protected at common law against obstruction by an adjoining holder.

British common law

Altar Fire BowlThere is something lovely to me in the concept that light itself has a value. Light gives us security from those menaces that hide in the darkness. Of all the forms of illumination in our universe, surely none has greater power than the Light of knowledge, holding away the shadows of ignorance and misery. It is my goal to seek out skills and wisdom, to encourage their development and dissemination throughout my corner of our world.

Anja, Ancient Light

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At the age 3, in desperation at my wiggliness, my Czech grandmother taught me to embroider. I've been hooked on all kinds of crafts since then and have taught them, too, since my teen years.

I spent 15 years as an SCA merchant (Society for Creative Anachronism) selling my blackwork embroidery patterns (Mab's Creations) and other products, such as period toys and music.

My first training in magic was from my Slavic shaman grandfather, but I didn't become Wiccan until my mid-20's, going on 25 years now. I got my 2nd degree in 1985 and have practiced steadily since, both as a solitary and in circles.

Anja embroidering
Me (Anja)
Having fun at the shop.
With one of my creations on a Daisy Dolly
As Priestess for an open Circle

I love working at the shop, creating products, counseling, teaching and doing readings.

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Sam Bartlett


I'm not sure if he's a Wiz with a crystal ball or a whiz, but this is Sam, the incredible invisible husband who channels from the Pun Plane!

He's been the quiet motive force behind all the repairs and re-dos at the shop in 2009 (once the bookshelf got finished) from getting the Roomba to work again, to the drip irrigation system that is watering the flowers.

Since his major interests are astrology and alchemy, he's intending to take over the incense making and may actually get the Ancient Light brand cone and "plotz" incense underway. He's also been encouraging Anja to make costumes for the Roomba. . . Uh-oh. . .


Grandma, as she preferred to be known, was 88 when she crossed over on the night of May 1, 2008. She spent 35 years teaching English in the Baltimore City Public Schools and at Johns Hopkins University, where she has an M.A. She did a lot of the packing and sorting as well as checking my grammar from back in her "corner" in the shop. See Memories of Grandma by those who knew her and Grandma's Album for stories from her life.

See photos from setting up shop in Seal Rock.