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Ancient Light Store
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Map and Driving Directions to Ancient Light.
Anja in front of the Ancient Light Store

Buy affordable handmade Gifts & Crafts.
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Metaphysical, Wiccan, Pagan books and supplies

Learn about Paganism and Witchcraft.
Attend an open circle. Take a class in Wicca.

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Come Join Us
for a Mabon Celebration!

This is a celebration of the Harvest, the Witches' Thanksgiving, so bring a representative of your harvest and maybe a fingerfood to share!

Friday, September 22, 2017 at 7pm.
Location: Ancient Light Store in Waldport

See details/directions.
Mabon pentacle

sun with glasses Come to Waldport and Shop!

Our sunny days are fantastic, so come to Waldport and enjoy! When you're in town, stop by and we'll tell you about our favorite spots to picnic and play!

There's more in the store than we could ever fit on a website and keep updated. If you can't get to our brick and board store or you're going to be in a hurry, passing through, contact me and I'll have your order packed and ready to take with you or ready to mail.

Blackwork embroidery kits, patterns, finished pieces & classes.
Handcrafted gifts . . Herbal soaps . . Special incense blends . . Bath salts
Wiccan & Pagan MUSIC – Meditation CDs
Metaphysical, Wiccan & Pagan books, new & used .... LARGE selection!
TOYS, GAMES & PUZZLES . . . beach board games!
PAGAN RITUAL items   and   ALTAR supplies
Divination kits  |  Amulet supplies  |  Containers
BoS . . .Quill Pens. . . Ink . . .Inkwells
POSTERS . . . Buttons . . . PINS . . . Banners . . . PENDANTS . . . Bookmarks
Handmade CANDLES and CANDLEHOLDERS . all sizes & shapes
Fun & Fantasy – Costumes & Kids' Books - Hard to find pagan items for kids!
INCENSE, CRYSTALS, STONES . . thundereggs . . semi-precious stone spheres
Many unusual gifts! – Go Shopping Now! on the Products menu item.

new merchandise available at Cafe Press!

Fun Pagan and other products. We have over 50 designs online!   Buy Online!

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for Ancient Light Products from Cafe Press

Ask us about custom products from your pictures or our Green Screen Portraits!


Fabrics from Spoonflower!
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Spoonflower Fabrics!

The Newest Blackwork prints! (see Facebook album)
Garden Collection (see Facebook album)
Mushroom Collection (see Facebook album)
Slugs 'n Bugs Collection (see Facebook album)
Ritual Collection
God/dess Collection

To buy our Spoonflower Fabric Designs go here:

We have designs for sale in the Blackwork collection, the Slugs 'n Bugs Collection, the Garden Collection and Mushroom Collection and two Pagan Collections, the Great Rite, and Goddess & God, will be up for sale soon! Keep checking back!

mabs creations

Mab's Creations is proud to announce several new products including the new Well-Dressed workbasket #4,
a related kit, and an updated WDW#2!.

For more details see:

Place orders through the blog or catch us on Facebook.

Rose of the Sea

Classes and topics vary each week. More info: check our newsletter or Facebook pages.

Click for Seal Rock, Oregon Forecast

Click for Seal Rock, Oregon Forecast

Wicca 101 course forming for fall. More info.
Wicca 102 course for fall is open to those who have taken the 101 course.
Please contact for details.
Thursday, 6pm - all welcome
Sewing Time
Saturday Herbs Workshop, 11am
Everything from drying to ointments to candles & soaps!
Saturday, 3pm
Sewing Workshop (bring projects or questions)
Sunday, Noon to 6pm
House Capuchin Project Day – Historical Re-Creation, bring a project
Some classes have a materials fee if you wish to take product home.


Great on salads or for dipping veggies!

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News from Rose of the Sea
Want to study Wicca or another pagan path? Learn more about the Rose of the Sea Teaching Circle.
Come see our Daily Stuff blog
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Online Survey of Interests

Rose of the Sea (the teaching Circle based at Ancient Light) is looking for input on what topics and subjects people want for classes, seminars and other special events. Please, help us by filling out this online survey once each year! There's a comments section for special events and special people that you'd like to see.